Kevin reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

I had a total hip replacement before Christmas, the pain was unbearable and I could foresee the road to recovery was going to be a long one. However, with the help and support of Liam, owner and founder of Paper St Fitness; I have been making phenomenal progress and look forward to every training session as he builds both a personal and professional relationship with his customers.

Kerry reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Alera loves her sessions and comes out buzzing everytime. Liam is a great coach and clearly enjoys it as much if not more than the kids. Family friendly.

Tufty reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Excellent personalised training sessions exceptional experience and knowledge and at the same time a really friendly and enjoyable environment. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in their health/fitness

Bradley reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Legitimately great trainer, and even better company name

Rich reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Had my 1st training session last night. To say I loved it is a understatement. Can’t wait for the next one. I would highly recommend Liam to anyone who’s passionate about fitness and combat training.

Samantha reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

I’ve only just started working with Liam but already I am excited! Very friendly, knowledgable and hardworking! Happy to answer any questions and give guidance outside of sessions as well as in sessions. Can’t wait for the next session!

 Sue reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Love working with Liam. Talks you through everything and shows the correct way to do to the excerises. Also helps with any diet problems you might have. But does make you work hard. 5***** X

Tomo reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Highly recommended. Great workout every time!!! 🙂

Kelly reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Great results. Absolutely fantastic. I totally recommend it

Margaruite reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Gruelling but good to have a workout you can feel working

Michelle reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Liam is an excellent trainer. We work hard but he takes into account my limitations, tailoring the workouts to suit me rather than just something generic. He is motivating but understanding and supportive when I struggle. And not just because we’re married!

Jamie reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Best trainer I’ve ever had!

The guy knows his stuff. Every session is interesting, never monotonous and bang on point. A lot of trainers read from a script without really knowing why. With Liam it’s different. Each rep, set and session comes with the handed knowledge of why you are doing it. Everything is tailored so you reach and exceed your specific goals and is delivered with a genuine warmth and energy.

Top man, top trainer, top place. Get on it!

Phillippa reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Brilliant trainer with tailor made and unique work outs that really are fun, goes to show you CAN have fun working out!.

Sandra reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Well I know its a bit premature as I only start challenge today but with liam as my trainer I cant go wrong – his teaching is next to none !

Josh reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Adaptable and professional are two words that come to mind when I think of Paper St. Fitness. Liam is a well-rounded coach/instructor that can help you meet your goals no matter what they are. I have changed goals throughout my time with Liam and he has helped me improve and get closer to every single one.

Mandy reviewed Paper St. Fitness – 5 star

Brilliant. Liam knows his stuff and is willing to chat thro all your problems and worries. I see a result within aweek of doing the yoga classes.